With PopUnderTOTAL rules are meant to be followed. Take our word for this, nothing good will come out if you will not.


Rules & Procedures for Advertisers

The following is not allowed and/or forbidden:

  • The use of automation (bots) designed to modify your bids
  • Exit blockers
  • Any form of imitation of our network of Publisher Sites
  • Any ads that imitate parts of our network of Publisher sites
    • Colors
    • Thumb sizes
    • Template
    • Layout
    • Deceptive designs
    • Website elements
  • Any visual representation of sexual activities
    • By any persons, real or imaginary
    • Any content that displays a person portrayed as engaged, in explicit sexual activities
  • Modifying the landing page of a campaign after the campaign is approved.
  • Any distribution of malicious JavaScript
    • Campaigns with malicious JavaScript will be terminated without refund
    • Campaigns will be terminated
    • Advertisers will be banned
    • Refund requests will be invalid
  • Any form of misleading information that may offer the visitor an erroneous view of the situation ( tech support campaigns )
  • Promoting landing pages, websites or offers that contain clickjackers or hidden iframes.
  • Creating campaigns for landing URLs that are redirecting to different pages or websites.
  • Creating campaigns for landing URLs that are not loading or are slow loading.

PopUnderTOTAL advertising service usage:

Advertisers are allowed to create a single test campaign with a maximum budget of $10.00 USD. We consider a test campaign any campaign that has no targeting options enabled.

As an advertiser you are obliged to read and abide to the regulation since you, as an advertiser, may not request a refund on your deposit(s) if any the above mentioned rules has been violated.


Rules & Procedures for Publishers

  1. Top level domains have priority, however in some cases we will accept subdomain websites as well.
  2. We do not accept websites which produce or provide child pornography, zoosexuality, or contain links to such content
  3. We do not accept websites which engage in, promote or facilitate illegal or legally questionable activities such as pirating and hacking.
  4. We do not accept websites which infringe any copyright, trademark, patent or other proprietary right.
  5. Usage of autorefreshing scripts on pages that contain our ads will lead to website suspension.
  6. We do not accept websites which promote any types of hate-mongering (i.e., racial, political, ethnic, religious, gender-based, sexuality-based or personal, etc.).
  7. We do not accept websites which contain materials of violence, obscene or vulgar language, and abusive content or content which endorses or threatens physical harm.
  8. Attempting to modify the code provided for a previously approved website will lead to account termination.
  9. Using traffic generators, fake traffic, incentivized traffic or any other form of non-human traffic on pages that use our codes will lead to account termination. These include but are not limited to : paid-to-promote, traffic exchanges, paid-to-click, manual or autosurf etc.

Visit count algorithm and practices

  • A visit is considered valid if :
    • The visitor has javascript enabled
    • The visitor has cookies enabled
    • The visitor does not close the pop-under within the first 2 seconds after the pop-under opens
    • The visitor is not using a proxy.
  • We only count 1 unique IP address per ad campaign per 24 hours.
  • If a visitor is shown our ads multiple times, the visitor will be shown a different ad campaign on each pop-under launch.
  • For the first view of a pop-under the visitor will be shown the campaign with the highest maximum bid that matches the cumulated targeting criterias.
  • For successive pop-under impressions the visitor will be shown each time the next campaign which has the highest maximum bid and matches the targeting criterias and which was not already viewed by the visitor.
Last updated : February, 12th 2016