Important changes in our Terms of Service

By: PopUnderTOTAL Administration   Date: 12/Feb/2016 22:15

Important changes in our Terms of Service.

The one major change that took place is that starting 12th of February 2016 we will accept adult traffic from our publishers as well as adult ad campaigns from our advertisers.

Other changes :
- Upon adding a new website you are required to select whether you allow adult related ads or not. Please be informed that allowing adult ads on a website that may have content which might interest audiences below 18 years old is strictly forbidden.
- The Websites section under Publisher tab has now a new button for each active website that displays whether the website can receive adult ads or not. This status can be changed at any time.
- The campaign creation page as well as the campaign editing page have 2 new fields :
     * ``Allow adult traffic`` - this field allows the advertiser to select whether he agrees to receive adult related traffic on his campaign.
     * ``Adult related campaign`` - this field queries the advertiser whether his landing page or website is adult related. It is important to know that if the advertiser deems the landing page as non-adult related when the landing page actually contains adult related content his account will be terminated without prior notification.

As you are well aware we used to deny every single adult related website. To compensate for this our operators will verify each previously denied website and approve it if we consider it fit for monetization.
If you want to speed up the process feel free to contact us : or use the live support to speak with your account manager.

Since it's a new field for us we may not be able to offer 100% fill rate for adult traffic at this moment however we are certain that advertisers will want to target this very good converting niche.