Beta version 3.2.0 comes with Winter Holidays rewards.

By: PopUnderTOTAL Administration   Date: 14/Dec/2015 10:24

What's new?
- New feature for advertisers. You can now make full use of the newly added Domain targeting feature. Domain targeting allows you to create domain specific campaigns to target only the traffic coming from one or more selected domains. Domain targeting will not increase the minimum bid, therefor you should not worry about higher prices.

Bug fixes
- We fixed a minor bug that allowed some traffic coming from other sources than the approved domain to be counted. This bug only occurred for the direct link.

Winter holidays are coming!
- Starting Wednesday, 16th of December 2015 until Monday, 4th of January 2016 most of our team will be on vacation. This does not mean that we will stop doing our job, it only means that the live and email support will be available less time and the development department will not add any new features.
- The financial department will be fully operation although some payments may be a bit delayed. No reason to worry though, it will not take us more than 24 hours to handle any payment request.

2015 Achievements
We have had a great year. Since our official launch on 15th of June 2015 we have grown like no other pop-under ad network from 0 to roughly 5.5 million views per day. Alexa says that our Global rank is 2,012 and 1,413 in United States ( PopUnderTOTAL`s rank according to Alexa ). We couldn`t have done this without you, and we would hereby like to thank you by offering a few gifts :
- We will add 20% for any withdraw until 4th of January 2016 ( Only applies the money that were earned as a publisher. Deposited funds are excluded. )
- We will also add 20% for any deposit until 4th of January 2016.

We wish you all Happy Holidays and let`s have another even better year in 2016

Best regards,
DRS MEDIA ( PopUnderTOTAL ) Administration.