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Premium traffic, premium publishers, dozens of targeting options and advanced realtime reports will insure your way to success. Our business model guarantees that you will get only the best traffic for the lowest investment possible.


Our premium campaigns, realtime bidding technology, 100% fill rate, 80% flat revenue share, realtime reporting and fast payment schedule guarantee you full monetization of every single visitor that your website has.

Pop-under service features

Realtime bidding system

Our advanced algorhytms will display the highest paying / top converting campaign.

Dedicated account manager

Our goal is to guarantee R.O.I. for advertisers and highest revenue for publishers.

24/7 support

Anytime, anywhere, anyhow. We will help you almost instantly regardless of your question.

Realtime reports

We think that in this business offering our customers realtime reporting is imperative.

Instant deposits / withdraws

Whether you decide to deposit or withdraw funds we guarantee the shortest time possible.

Full control

We offer 100% user control over the features we offer for both advertisers and publishers.
PopUnderTOTAL advertising

Data-Driven Pop-Under Advertising

Our self-serve advertising platform enables clients to purchase inventory from the PopUnderTOTAL ad network and all major RTB exchanges using a single, world class interface. Clients can easily create and manage ad campaigns across all operating systems, access incredibly detailed analytics, and optimize campaigns.

Fraud protection

PopUnderTOTAL provides quality traffic to its users. We have zero tolerance on users abusing our service with malware and deceptive advertising as it violates our agreement. We do our best in providing exceptional service and will take immediate action when any illegal activities are detected, to protect your privacy. We impose quality control through:

  • High traffic quality deliverability
  • Advanced fraud and malware detection system
  • Detailed manual review on each and every ad before verification
  • Monitoring quality process through third party testing
Our customer support team will review each campaign before it gets activated into our network and ensure the ads follows our policy. The review process can take up to 24 hours.

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