Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared a set of answers to some questions you might ask.


What kind of websites does PopUnderTOTAL accept?

Most of the websites are acceptable as long as they comply with our terms of service and regulation.


Does PopUnderTOTAL accept adult websites?

Yes, if they are compliant with our terms of service and regulation.


How long does it take for a website to be approved?

It can take up to 24 hours for us to verify a website, however in most cases we complete the verification process in under 2 hours.


How to add the ad code on a website?

Simply edit the source code of your pages and copy / paste our code anywhere within the source code. The position does not matter.


What rates can a publisher expect from PopUnderTOTAL?

We use a real time bidding system. This means that the rates are adjusted all the time, however our system guarantees that the highest paying campaign will be displayed to a visitor at any time. For more detailed information feel free to have a look at the rates that we currently offer in the Live rates page


Does PopUnderTOTAL offer worldwide coverage?

We offer close to 100% fill rate for worldwide traffic.


Are my earnings affected by ad blockers / pop-up blockers?

No. Our code is designed in a way that will only launch a pop-under upon user interaction with your website. This guarantees that your earnings will not be affected by ad / pop-up / pop-under blockers.


How to increase my earnings with PopUnderTOTAL?

We are a performance based network and our system is fully automated, therefor there is not much you can do besides making sure that your website is in the right category and has the right keywords.


What kind of reports does PopUnderTOTAL offer?

All our reports are real time. We also offer multiple filtering options such as : country based, date based, domain based, browser based and operating system based reports.


What are the Pending earnings?

Full information regarding this matter can be found in this article : Account balance and funds information


What is the minimum withdraw amount?

The minimum withdraw amount is $1.00 USD for PayPal withdraws and $500.00 USD for Wire transfer withdraws.


How long does PopUnderTOTAL take to process a withdraw?

PayPal withdraws are processed within maximu 24 hours, however most of the times it takes less than 2 hours. Wire transfer withdraws can take up to 7 working days to be processed.


Can PopUnderTOTAL be used with other pop-under networks?

Yes, as long as there are no more than 3 pop-unders on a page, however, your earnings may drop because the visitors will be less likely to convert one of our offers.


Can PopUnderTOTAL be used with Google Adsense?

Google Adsense specifies that there must not be more than 3 pop-unders per page, however we are not Google Adsense and we can not determine their course of action.


My website has been denied. Why?

If your website was previously approved and at some later point denied it can be due to one of the following :

  • You sent traffic that does not comply to our terms and regulation. E.g. incentivized traffic.
  • You've modified your website in a way that breaks our terms and regulation.
  • An advertiser filed a complaint regarding your traffic. ( In this case the advertiser will be refunded from your outstanding balance ).
  • The traffic you were sending was categorized as bot traffic. ( Traffic that comes from hosts or that is being generated ).


Can I appeal my website denial?

You can not. Once a website has been denied the process is irreversible.



How do I get started?

Simply log into your account with us, go to the Advertiser section, New campaign and complete the fields. Make sure to have enough funds available in your account.


How much does it cost?

The cost is entirely up to the advertiser. The advertiser sets the maximum bid himself ( maximum amount he is willing to pay per 1000 views ). The maximum bid will also determine the campaign's position.


How can I deposit funds into my account?

At this moment we accept PayPal and Wire transfer deposits. The minimum amount you can deposit via PayPal is $100.00 USD while the minimum amount to deposit via Wire transfer is $500.00 USD. PayPal deposits are processed instantly if made through our platform, while Wire transfer deposits can take up to 5 working days.


What is the campaign position?

This number lets you know how many other campaigns have a higher maximum bid than yours. For example if your campaign position is 4, there are at least 3 campaigns that have a higher maximum bid. This also means that your campaign will only be shown if a visitor sees our ads more than 3 times.


How does the maximum bid stand for?

The maximum bid is a number of your choice that specifies the maximum price you are willing to pay per 1000 unique views on your campaign. Our system is designed in a manner that will only charge you to maintain your position.

Example: You set the maximum bid at $5.00 USD. The next competitor has a maximum bid of $0.50 USD. You will pay $0.51 USD for 1000 unique views. If the next competitor has a maximum bid of $2.00 USD you will pay $2.01 USD per thousand views.

For detailed information regarding how our RTB system works please see this article.


How long does it take for a campaign to be approved?

It usually takes us less than 2 hours to verify and approve a campaign, however in some cases it may take up to 24 hours.


I want to delete a campaign. Do I get my money back?

Of course. When you delete a campaign the outstanding balance of that campaign is returned to your account.


My campaign is up and running but I don't get much traffic?

There can be multiple reasons for this, such as :

  • Your maximum bid is too low. Also check your campaign position.
  • You selected some low traffic keywords
  • You selected one or more categories we don't have much traffic from.
  • You selected a country that we don't have much traffic from.


How to get more traffic?

We strive to deliver quality not quantity. If you are only interested in billions of page views we fear that PopUnderTOTAL might not be the right choice.


What kind of reports does PopUnderTOTAL offer?

All our reports are real time. We offer multiple targeting options such as geotargeting, category targeting, browser targeting, operating system targeting, origin targeting and keyword targeting.


Can an advertiser filter his traffic sources?

Of course, any advertiser can block / unblock any source for any campaign at any given point in time.


How does an advertiser block sources?

Go to your Advertiser Reports, select the campaign and group the results by Domain. You will see a "Block domain" button in the right side.


How does an advertiser remove a previously blocked source?

Go to your campaigns section, select the campaign and click the Edit campaign button. You can remove the domain(s) that you previously blocked from that page. Make sure to click the save changes button when you finish.


My campaign has been denied. Why?

There may be multiple reasons for that such as : you have modified your landing page, the landing page is not accessible etc. Please check our regulation in order to make sure that your campaign stays active.