Ads.txt support

By: PopUnderTOTAL   Date: 2018/03/08

Ads.txt support

Ads.txt is an initiative from the Interactive Advertising Bureau Tech Lab (IAB) to promote and improve transparency in programmatic advertising. It’s an easy way for publishers to clearly indicate to buyers who is authorized to sell their inventory. We at PopUnderTOTAL support the ads.txt initiative 100%.

How does it work?

Publishers drop a text file on their web servers that lists all of the companies that are authorized to sell the publishers’ inventory. Similarly, programmatic platforms also integrate ads.txt files to confirm which publishers’ inventory they are authorized to sell. This allows buyers to check the validity of the inventory they purchase.

Why should I care? Is it important?

One way fraudsters game the system is by spoofing legitimate sites. Ads.txt was built to prevent inventory counterfeiting. In addition, it also helps you manage legitimate partnerships like the one you have with us.If you have legitimate concerns about your inventory being misrepresented, you may benefit from putting ads.txt on your site. And our feeling is that, like all types of security, you are better off with it than without it.

How do I set up ads.txt on my site?

To set up an ads.txt file for a site, a publisher needs to create a text file and put it in the top level of the domain’s file structure. The file lists all exchanges that the publisher works. So, it would be like:

What is the correct format?

Publishers should use the following format to correctly list us in their ads.txt file.

In the first line, a publisher needs to replace the XXXXXX with their PopUnderTOTAL publisher ID. To obtain this ID, look into your PopUnderTOTAL private area and click on 'Get code' button., XXXXXX, DIRECT

Will it work if a publisher puts “www.” before each line?

No it will not. This is the most common way publishers incorrectly implement PopUnderTOTAL on their ads.txt file.