Getting started and accepted as a publisher

By: PopUnderTOTAL   Date: 2015/06/10

Getting started with your publisher account

Start generating money as a publisher in less than 5 minutes.

What will you need?

  1. A website
  2. A PayPal account or Bank account
  3. Decent traffic and quality content on your website

Add your website.

Go to the Publisher link in the top menu and select New website

Complete the form that you will be given with accurate and detailed data regarding your website. Please note that the data you provide will affect both your future earnings and can determine whether we approve or deny your website.

It is also important to mention that since we are a Premium Pop-Under Ad Network, we have strict requirements regarding content, such as :

  1. We shall deny any impression garnering website on sight.
  2. The design of your website must be clean, while your pages must have decent loading times.
  3. We do not accept websites that are oversaturated by ad banners or that display more than 2 pop-ups or pop-unders.
  4. Your website must comply in a proportion of 100% with our Regulation and Terms of service

Please keep in mind that we have zero tolerance towards any kind of incentivized or generated traffic, and even though your website has been previously approved, it will be blocked instantly and all the revenue generated by it wiped.

Place our code on your pages

Once your website has been approved, all that's left is to go to the Publisher link in the top menu, then hit Websites. After that simply press the Get code button, and copy the given code after selecting the desired frequency. Once you copied the code edit the source code of your pages and paste the PopUnderTOTAL code anywhere within the body tags

Sit back, relax, and watch your balance increasing

All that's left now is to wait for the money to flow in. The earnings you will be receiving are based on multiple targeting factors, but what we can guarantee is that you will definitely be happy with your earnings.

Understanding our business model is very very easy.

We deliver fast and high paying ads for premium publishers. Stick with the regulation and we guarantee you a safe income.