Statistical discrepancy

By: PopUnderTOTAL   Date: 2015/06/20

Statistical discrepancy

Today we are going to explain the so called statistical discrepancy between the numbers you see in your account reports and other tracking services such as Google Analytics, Hitstats or other visitor counting systems.

The reason behind our decision to write this article was that we received a few live support questions similar to this one : "I have 100 daily visitors, why are you counting only 60?" for example.

This statistical discrepancy occurs for a number of causes such as :

  1. The bounce rate is one of the major factors.
    The bounce rate is calculated based on the number of visitors that open your website and take no action, meaning that they leave before navigating any other page. The bounce rate leads to statistical discrepancy because the visitor takes no action on the page and the pop-under is not triggered in the first place, since our pop-under jumps upon a visitor taking action on your website. Therefor, even though Google Analytics will track a bouncing visitor, we will not because he didn't trigger the pop-under.
  2. The visitor does not have javascript enabled.
    Another major factor which leads to statistical discrepancy are visitors that do not have javascript enabled. A visitor that has disbled javascript for his navigation can not trigger the pop-under because our code is javascript based.
  3. The visitor does not have cookies enabled.
    Visitors that do not have cookies enabled are not being counted considering that our algorithms use cookies to store information regarding the visit in order for the visitor to see the highest bidding campaign. Since the visitor does not accept cookies we can not show him a pop-under, and this fact leads to statistical discrepancy once again.

The bottom line is that you should not expect to see the same numbers within your publisher reports as you do in a visitor counting platform because our service is very different in the first place and depends on a number of factors as the ones mentioned above.