Account balance and funds information

By: PopUnderTOTAL   Date: 2015/06/09

This article will explain the values of your account balance listed in your account dashboard.

Available funds

The available funds are the so called ready to use funds.

If you are an advertiser the available funds are the money that you can spend to increase the budget of your campaigns.

If you are a publisher the available funds are money that you can withdraw at any time.

It is important to mention that the available funds amount is definitive and not subject to any changes.

Pending earnings

The pending earnings amount is only important to you if you are a publisher.

The pending earnings are money that you earned but were not yet verified, nor has the PopUnderTOTAL's share of 20% been retracted.

The pending earnings are being moved to your available funds within maximum 7 days. The amount transferred will be subject to quality verification as well as deducted PopUnderTOTAL's share. Our share is different for each domain, with a minimum of 80% on your side as a publisher.

Total balance

A purely informative value that represents the cumulated values of Available funds and Pending earnings.