Domain tracking for campaigns

By: PopUnderTOTAL   Date: 2015/06/10

Domain tracking for campaigns

PopUnderTOTAL offers advertisers to track the provenience of the traffic within their own pages by offering a tracking variable which they can implement in their campaign url.

The variable is called [DOMAINID].

Usage of the tracking variable

The best way to explain is to offer an example ( in this case we will be using PHP ):

You are creating a campaign and your Landing URL is :

In order to be able to track the referring domain IDs you will need to create a request on your PHP page. We will name the request variable $incoming_domain_id, however you are free to chose any other. So, the landing page should contain something like this :

$incoming_domain_id = $_REQUEST['incoming_domain_id'];

Now that we have decided upon the name of the variable we should also modify the Landing URL. Therefor, instead of we should use this one:[DOMAINID]

For each visit that you will be receiving from PopUnderTOTAL, our script will replace the [DOMAINID] with Domain-NUMBER, and result will be something like :

You will be able to use this feature to your advantage, meaning that you can track down domains which are sending you traffic, but the conversion rate is low for example. Feel free to block those domains.

For any questions regarding this feature don`t hesitate to contact us.