Pop-under advertising

Premium traffic, premium publishers, targeting options and realtime reports to insure your way to success. A business model that guarantees the best results for the lowest investment.

A premium approach to pop-under advertising

Although pop-under ads are widely spread over the internet, PopUnderTOTAL offers advertisers an unique approach to pop-under advertising by allowing you to pin-point the traffic of your campaigns.

Why should you choose PopUnderTOTAL?

Quality not quantity

We do not serve billions of junk impressions, we only serve those that really matter.

100% control

On PopUnderTOTAL your campaigns and the traffic they get will be handpicked by you.

Accessible to everyone

Price per thousand views starts at $0.10 USD, while the minimum deposit is only $100 USD.

Please be informed that PopUnderTOTAL is NOT the right choice to make if you only want billions of page views. Our goal is to offer the highest conversion rate that a pop-under campaign can achieve, not to spam landing pages with junk or bot traffic.

Learn more about advertising with us

  • PopUnderTOTAL is the only pop-under ad network that provides a RTB ( real time bidding system ) for advertisers.
  • 100% dedicated support team available 24/7 for your needs.
  • SUBID tracking for each of your campaigns.
  • Realtime refunding for any visit that is less than 2 seconds, or if the visitor does not have cookies or javascript enabled.
  • The most advanced targeting services for your campaigns which include keyword targeting.

Targeting options


You can chose whether you want your campaign to be shown in one or more countries.

Category targeting

Select the right vertical for your campaign. You are free to chose more than one.

Browser targeting

You can handpick the browsers you want your campaign to be shown for.

Operating system targeting

You will be able to select the operating systems you want your campaign to be shown for.

Origin targeting

You can target your campaign based on the pages or websites the visitor previously accessed.

Keyword targeting

You can select a set of keywords that will have to match the website on which your campaign will be shown.

A summary of our features for advertisers

  1. Easy to get started
    You can start getting traffic within a few minutes. The registration and campaign creation processes will be done no time.
  2. Fast approval for your campaigns
    We manually verify each individual campaign before we approve it. We are doing this to maintain a safe environment for both advertisers and publishers within our network.
  3. Accessible for everyone
    The low minimum deposit amount ( $100 USD ) as well as the low minimum CPM ( $0.10 USD ) makes PopUnderTOTAL suitable for anyone, anytime, anywhere.
  4. 100% control over your campaigns
    The above mentioned targeting options as well as the ability to pause or activate your campaigns whenever you decide to give you complete control.
  5. Realtime reports
    We offer a full set of statistics and reports for your campaigns, features which will allow you to fully optimize the traffic you are receiving.
  6. 1/24 capping
    The same visitor will not be shown your campaign more than once every 24 hours. This capping method is best suited for convertion focused campaigns.
  7. 24/7 live support
    We are 100% positive that we are the only pop-under ad network offering 24/7 live support right in our users' dashboard.

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